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    Interview with MGO3 Creative Director


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    Interview with MGO3 Creative Director Empty Interview with MGO3 Creative Director

    Post by Payno on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:58 am

    The following is new information from a recent interview with MGO3 creative director Kotaro Oki:

    -They're considering having MGO launch when MGSV launches. [No elaboration. Maybe they don't know if they should give people time to play MGSV first?]

    -They're still finalizing the maximum number of players to see which number offers the most fun. Somewhere between 12 and 16. If there are too many players, the game loses its feeling of teamwork.

    -Communications methods include the popular preset radio messages from before.

    -MGSV's marking system replaces the SOP system. When you mark players through your binoculars or other methods, the information is shared with your teammates. Like in MGSV, intel is one of the keys to victory.

    -The action will not take place in an open world but in self-contained maps. This is to keep the game fast paced and to be able to have various areas, terrain, and climates.

    -Like in MGSV, there will be dynamic weather (as seen with the sandstorm at the end of the trailer), which will affect the game. There will not be dynamic time, partly because games don't last very long anyway, but you can select from different times of day.

    -There will be a variety of different rules, from common rules to quite unique rules. For instance, Team Sneaking is back, with the attacking team equipped with nonlethal weapons and stealth camo, and the defending team with lethal weapons.

    -They plan to include the selfie ability seen in the trailer in the final game as a camera feature.

    -Even beginners who aren't good at shooting will be able to contribute to their team. There will be various teamwork scenarios where such players can help advanced players. For instance, a beginner could stay back and use their binoculars to mark enemies for advanced players up front.

    -There was a question about whether a player's results in MGO will affect MGSV, like being able to carry over items or weapons, or is each game totally standalone. The answer was MGSV will affect MGO (and vice versa) with regard to some elements, but elements involving game balance are separate, to avoid forcing players to have to play through MGSV to succeed in MGO.



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