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    MGO3/MGSV Release Date - 01/09/2015


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    MGO3/MGSV Release Date - 01/09/2015

    Post by Payno on Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:51 am

    See Zoli's post for MGSV info: MGSV Release Date

    Not much MGO3 info to be had except they confirm it will be going live on the same day as the MGSV release

    Also, you receive extra items with the collectors and day one editions that could be MGO related:

    *Weapons pack including 4 guns and 4 personal ballistic shields
    *Cardboard box pack including 3 boxes
    *Snake Costume pack including 4 camouflage fatigue outfits
    *Adam-ska Special revolver
    *Silver personal ballistic shield
    *Wetland Cardboard box
    *Blue Urban Fatigues outfit

    These items are confirmed:

    *MGO items: Metal Gear Rex Helmet, Gold AM MRS-4, Gold WU S. Pistol
    *Metal Gear Online XP Boost


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