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    Disco Left (Reason)



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    Disco Left (Reason)

    Post by Devastator on Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:31 pm

    I know many people believe disco left because of me and zoli well that is not the case. He was on the brink of meltdown all week with yessssssss and would not shut up.

    In the last game MM RACE we were a 5 man team and had pros. He would not come on skpye even though we were a clan because he was talking to breakdown who i dont think anyone likes. He spammed the chat "let it reset". We were put in the position of either let it reset and lose or place the target and still keep in with a chance of keeping 5 wins all night. Adfox died trying to place it as it was on the to floor of the house. I ran and died just up the stairs and zoli manged to plant it. That got us equal 3-3. Then we had to run through their spawn to get the next on by this time they had won round 1.

    Round 2 we just did bad because disco would not be quiet saying "u fucking idiots why did u plant. Listen to me you retards" He was still not on skype. By the end he said Fuck TR your all shit im leaving. He came on skype and had a go at us when me zoli and pyun were only chatting about random stuff after survival had ended at least 10 mins.

    Therefore the leaving of this player has nothing to do with me zoli or anyone but himself. I would love him to come back but i cannot see it happening(at least until thursday)

    Many Thanks

    Sam x
    Shazuna Boss

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    Re: Disco Left (Reason)

    Post by Shazuna Boss on Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:53 pm

    ^Tis Disco, what did you expect?

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    Re: Disco Left (Reason)

    Post by Nooo on Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:53 am

    oh lol, he Insulted me many times for no reasons during survival
    Yeah.. I got killed 2 times in a row by the same sniper in the same place (pig), but Its not my fault if we lost (this happend like 2 or 3 times duringthe last 2 weeks).
    He does not have to tell me what to do, He's a verygood player but he shouldnt be so angry all the time

    its a game, I play for fun, and I dont care about what Discomad says..

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    Re: Disco Left (Reason)

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