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    TRF Recruitment


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    TRF Recruitment

    Post by Payno on Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:47 pm

    I made a thread on MGOForums to try and attract new players


    TRForums are now looking for well mannered players to join us in survival, tournaments and free battle fun.

    TRForums was originally a clan that had alts of The Rebellion in it to make organising tournaments easier for me, but recently it has grown in to more than an 'alt clan'.

    Less experienced players would join our clan rooms and enjoy our attitude towards the game. They were nice guys so I thought vhy not let them join the clan? Most of them had been rejected by other clans that they had tried to join and were never able to get a regular survival team together so this gave them the opportunity to enjoy the game a little more and play with more experienced players.

    We also occasionally make videos for our Youtube (kindly recorded by Padraig!). Here is a few that he has done:

    We also have our own little forum set up aswell: www.TRForums.co.nr

    There are no level/GP restrictions, alts are welcome. So if you are interested in taking part in things like 'stun nights', helping less experienced players to improve their game or just generally putting a bit of fun back in to MGO then feel free to join.

    MGO ID: Explicit
    Clan name: TRForums.co.nr

    Thanks for reading.



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