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    8001050f error


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    8001050f error

    Post by Padraig on Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:39 pm

    Today is a black day in PS3's history. Taken from http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=388872:

    Here's what's going on right now: something with the PS3'sinternal clock has borked in some pre-slim models. This is not a PSNissue; it has to do with your PS3's clock. This clock is NOT related tothe OS clock. It seems to be a leap year bug. Setting your clock aheadwill do nothing. All PS3s around the world were affected at the exactsame time.

    Does this affect me?

    -If you have a Slim PS3, you're good to go. Continue playing it as normal.
    -If you have a "fat" PS3, you may be affected. Some fat PS3s have worked ok, but it seems a good majority have been bugged.

    What does this bug mean?

    -If affected, your date and time has been set to a random past date.This prevents you from signing into PSN, playing any PSN games, orusing any DLC. Your trophies will also not display correctly or be ableto sync.

    How do I fix it?

    -You can't. Even if you don't sign into PSN, it won't help. This is a hardware issue.

    So, what do I do?

    -Wait 24 hours. Other products that have had similar bugs havecorrected themselves after the "bugged" day. On Monday around 6pmcentral time, all PS3s will automatically correct themselves...maybe.

    -If that doesn't work, we'll need a firmware update from Sony, which should be a pretty important priority for them right now.

    Did I lose my data/themes/etc?

    Your save data/games/dlc/themes are fine. They'll be fixed when the PS3is fixed. Trophies are uncertain right now, but they'll be fine ifyou've synced them before the PS3 was bugged. Unsynced trophies are anunknown right now.

    If I have a bugged PS3, can I still use it?

    It's probably not a good idea, as I have no idea what will happen tothe trophies you earn during the bugged time. Movies/media will workfine.

    So there ya go, my handy FAQ.

    I'm one of the unlucky few Sad

    This is taken from a glitcher site I won't name.

    [QUOTE=Cpt.S;843595]By doing this you will have to remove a sticker that expire your warranty !!

    (Also my grammar will be really poor ! I didn't have internet when I wrote this and i wrote it fast, So when you see grammar fails if its bad enough not to under stand please let me know)

    Here is a tutorial on how to fix the error ERROR CODE on the Playstation 3. Make sure you have a good enough space to do this, They are many little screw's that are easy to loose.

    If you have any questions or if your stuck on a section then please leave a reply Smile

    Also a big thanks to richbuckby.

    These are the tools you will need, Wire cutters not nessercery I just didn't have any nose pliers :p
    Flat screw driver - Star screw driver - Special scew ends - pliers

    You will need to remove this warrenty sticker. Remember removing this will void your warrenty !!

    Remove this rubber cover with the pliers.

    Remove the screw from behind the rubber cover with the special screw ends
    Then remove the plastic cover where the HDD is. After that remove the blue screw, Slide your HDD right and pull it out.

    Now slide the top of your playstation from right to left.

    Now remove all the screws. NOTE ! the one with the arrow is a small screw !

    Now your inside your playstation you need to be carful not to damage anything.

    Now you need to disconnect the selected. Note ! The silver strap has a black flip that holds it down, To remove just lift up the black flap.

    Now lift up your disc drive, Under you will see another wide wire, To remove just do the same as you did before with lifting the black flap.

    Now you need to remove the screws holding down your power box (LOL I don't know what its called Smile)

    Remove the wire from the back of the power box.

    Unscrew the earth wire. Remember to keep the screw's seperate so they don't get mixed up!

    Now remove these 2 screw's and lift up the chip board.

    Remove these 4 screws and lift up the metal plates.

    Remove the screws, But keep note of the large and small screw !
    You can't see the text very good, But the small screw is the one on the left, The large screw goes in the top corner.

    Now lift all of the inside from the back, Lift it upwords.

    Remove the back of the playstation, It should just pull off.

    Lift up the metal plate, It should just pull up from the front. You will know its the front because of this lip in the center.

    Befor you do this look at step 19 !! I got them mixed up, Sorry.
    Do the same as step 17, Lift up the sercite board.

    On the bottom remove the wire connecting to the fan (do this BEFORE step 18!!!)

    Now you will be able to see the batery what your looking for.

    Remove the battery then put it back in.

    Now you need to put your PS3 back together, Just copy these steps backwords remembering where the screws come from.

    Also like I said before sorry about the grammar Smile
    I wrote this really quickly in a text document on my PC when my internet went down so if you don't understand something then just leave a reply Smile


    I don't advise doing this, wait awhile, sony have to sort this out.


    Hasta la Victoria Siempre

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by dboi on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:44 pm

    going through all of that just to remove a battery

    no way would i demolish my ps3 like that and void the warranty, yeah i think waiting a few days is the best option.
    ! Yumi !

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by ! Yumi ! on Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:33 pm

    fixed here. you just have to wait.

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by dboi on Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:50 pm

    yeah its fixed here too. damn leap year Rolling Eyes
    Pyun Tae Foo

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by Pyun Tae Foo on Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:01 am

    I wonder how many people ruined their PS3s last night...XD

    Did this happen last year? Will it happen next year? Sony better sort this out. XD

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by dboi on Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:52 am

    nah i think its due to happen again 2014

    sony have 4 years to sort it out, lets see if the do anything Razz

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by .:ABDuL:. on Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:50 am

    I'm just glad its gone now, damn bug -.-

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    Re: 8001050f error

    Post by Zoli on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:51 am

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    Re: 8001050f error

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