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    People do have unlimited potential



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    People do have unlimited potential

    Post by lisactrytoo on Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:39 am

    people do have unlimited potential

    Students into a music practice rooms. The piano, arrayed a new music.
    "Super difficult ... ..." He turned over the music, whispers, feeling the confidence of the piano seems to rock bottom, eliminating extravagant exhausted. Has been three months! Since the new teaching with a professor, the do not know why the professors in this way the whole person. Forced cheer. He began to struggle with his fingers, fighting, fighting ... ... sounds chanel handbags the outside of the classroom professor of approaching footsteps.
    Advisor is an extremely well-known musicians. The first day of teaching, he gave his students a new music. "Give it a try!" He said. The difficulty of high scores, students playing is jerky stagnation, full of mistakes. "It is not mature, good practice to go back!" Professor in the next hours, so told the students.
    Students practice a week, second week of class are preparing to teach acceptance, did not expect a professor gave him the more difficult music, "try!" Last week, the class professor did not mention. Students once again struggling with a higher degree of difficulty of the skills challenge.
    The third week. More difficult music emerged. Continuing with the case of different students are in class every time a new sheet music to be troubled, then bring it back to practice, then go back to the classroom, face a double difficulty of the cheap nike dunk shoes, but how all chase not on the schedule, a little practice last week but did not have much at home because of the feeling, the students feel more and more disturbed, depressed and discouraged. Professor into the practice room. Students no longer bear it. He must make the three months to master the piano to why torture yourself constantly questioned.
    Professor did not open his share of the music out first, to the students. "Play it!" He looked at students with a firm gaze.
    Unthinkable happened, and even students themselves are extremely surprised that he actually can play this song was so wonderful, so exquisite! Professor of allowing students to try a second class of music students are still showing a high level of performance ... ... After the concert, the students stared teachers speak.
    "If I let you show some of the most coach outlet may be that you still practice the first sub-scores, the degree would not have been so ... ..." Piano Masters said slowly.
    End of the same: people are often used to express themselves familiar areas of expertise. But if we are willing to look back and carefully review, will be finally realized: seemingly intense challenge, never Xiezhi gradual rise in pressure on the environment difficult, not also in unconsciously develop the capacity of today's riddled with it? Because people do have unlimited potential!This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010- 4-09 from us-trade company.

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    Re: People do have unlimited potential

    Post by AtticusValo on Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:46 am

    Fuck off, spambot.




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    Re: People do have unlimited potential

    Post by Padraig on Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:27 am

    tl;dr Very Happy Wohoo our first spam bot?


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    Re: People do have unlimited potential

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