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    Clan videos


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    Clan videos Empty Clan videos

    Post by Payno on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:40 pm

    Not updated this section for a while so I just thought I'd post a few recent videos that have been made.

    Pad humping the ground for a few minutes before we go on to dish out some tsne rape. Wp Pad.

    This is ADFOX who was AFK for the whole match in tourny. Enemy runs right past him without noticing him and camps in a box.

    Bomb action with Skype commentary


    I actually meant this stun. It wasn't accidental!

    The reason people complain about ADFOX's lag

    And again....

    When taunting goes wrong


    Good work on these vids Pad, Yumi and ADFOX


    Clan videos 2gy1slz

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